Friday, August 23, 2013

Changing of the seasons

Summer is coming to an end and all over nature I can see the signs of changing seasons. The green leafs look aged with rims of gold. The days are greeted with sweaters and ends with  hot cups of tea under blankets. 

I don't mind the change, in fact I love seeing the new colors - berry red, mossy green, chocolate browns. I'm excited for leather boots and soft scarves, but on the other hand this change of season leaves an ache in my heart... nothing terrible of course - unless you count sending your first baby to school. Yes that is right she is my tiny baby wearing 6 year old clothes, learning how to swim, getting pierced ears... where has the time flew to?

I have one week left to enjoy summer, but more importantly HER at home. Hope you have a great week too :) 

Both paintings painted with oil


Faye said...

Your art is beautiful. Sending the little one off to school is a heartrending event. I know she is excited about the event since it heralds a new phase in her life.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I love your art! Your lady's skin is so soft and beautiful! I'm sure your little one is going to have a wonderful time. said...

Wonderful textures and colours. I love all your work, you have a great style. Chidren grow so quick, enjoy them while they are young:) HPPF

Anne Manda said...

Beautifu paintings! Really wonderful layers, colors, patterns, textures, just awesome!

Giggles said...

This is the texture and vintage feel!! I love your header too with all that yummy color~

Hugs Giggles

JoyCorcoran said...

Ah, these transitions are bitter sweet. My baby is now 30! I love the expression on your swimmer -- a little mysterious and determined. Beautiful textures and compelling composition. Thanks!