Friday, April 25, 2014

Dancing ballerina

If you told me 10 yrs ago I will wake up at 4:30 am, struggle to put false eyelashes on my little girl, know what a bun builder is and tear up every time she goes on stage, I would have laughed and walked away thinking you are crazy. 

A dance mom - no way! 

Isn't it funny how our lives turn out? We end up doing so much of the things we vowed we'll never do. We just don't know until we are in that spot and have to make the decision... stay at home vs going back to work...send them on the bus for hours or homeschool for a while. Decisions so easily made before we had kids, and now that we've loved them and held them and know what brings them joy all those heavy labels and stereo types fly out the window and the decisions are based solely on them.

It doesn't matter anymore what other people think, it matters what our children think - who they want to be - how they want to live their life. And so we go out in this world and introduce ourselves as a homeschooler - a dance mom -  or whatever other labels we would've never chosen for ourselves... and we see the judgy looks and we hear the criticism and fear filled thoughts - but somehow we persevere and move on. A little stronger each time in our decision to do what works for our family...

So for now, I'll squeeze my way into crowded dressing rooms, and glue rhinestones to her cheeks...why?...because she LOVES it... and I love her...

And after all the busyness I am happy to have her with me, as we paint ballerinas and dye our old stained clothes and fresh new blue. 

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