Saturday, August 3, 2013




Oh to be a child, and greet each day with so much energy and JOY! 

We just came back from our town's annual parade, with the big honking trucks and long marching bands.  What stood out the most was the Joy, NO MATTER WHAT THE AGE. The little ones scampering onto the road, picking up candy and with huge grins showing it to their moms. The parents so happy to see their kid's reactions to the mascots waving hello. And then my absolute favourite - the Shriners . Big adult seniors on tiny motorbikes driving loops around the other cars, a puppet on one hand and a smile that simply can not be erased. Not matter what their age, that childlike joy is still in their hearts and painted across their faces. I want to be like that! 

It is this same joy that inspired my watercolor. Why walk when you can cartwheel! Hope you have a week filled with childlike glee and maybe a cartwheel or two :)


Erin said...

These paintings are beautiful! We had so much fun meeting up at the parade with you. And I agree, there was much joy to be felt. I don't know if I watched the parade, or my kids watching the parade, more. They were so excited by everything!

Lynn Cohen said...

What fun you portrayed here! HPPF!

Faye said...

Absolutely adorable post! I love your paintings of the cartwheels, which I couldn't do even as a child! And your photos of the Shriners parade brought back fond memories. Have a happy weekend.

Anne said...

Oh how sweet are your paintings!!! Love the vintage swimsuit and the cartwheel.

Happy Sunday!