Friday, January 11, 2013

These days ::

 We are seeing - ice fishing tents pop up everywhere, some people simply bringing a bucket to sit on and enjoy the sunshine and a fresh catch.

We are tasting - roasted lemons and this amazingly simple soup

We are hearing - lots of talk about a wiggly tooth on a certain 6 year old

We are learning - about the arctic {It's always better to learn about places colder and darker than one's own home in the deep of winter}and finding this narwhal animal so cool!

We are watching - Downton Abbey...completely hooked

We are getting used to - a 2 year old fully taking on his role of being in his terrible twos !! Throwing rice everywhere for fun, stomping his feet,punching his sister and wanting to get in the car ALL by himself... thankfully we get these sweet and funny faces in between.

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