Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year's resolution

 As the New Year is here our minds are filled with things we'd like to get and things we'd like to do this year.

 It can be exciting, this fresh start with a blank calender to fill with beautiful new memories. But it can also be daunting. Are we on the right track? Are we doing enough? What are we here for?  

I came across this just as these big questions were left unanswered. 

What if we are here to share? 

I don't know how many times I tell my kids this in a day "In this house we share" as they fight over a favourite toy. 

What if this lesson is what we as adults need to hear even more.

Most of us are richer than 92% of the world, even if it sometimes doesn't feel like that when the bills come in the money goes out. 

We are extremely blessed! 

And it all happened by chance. How easily we could've been born into a different family or a different country... 

So along with all the plans for the year, Giving Generously and Sharing our abundance and gifts tops the list. 

I think if we accomplish just this one goal, it will be a very good year indeed :)


Rebecca said...

Exactly the message I need to hear - thank you!

Annabelle said...

So true what you say. We are fortunate and could very well have been born in such a different world. I appreciate what I have every day of my life.

Annabelle : )