Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winter Blues

It is about this time of year when I go slightly batty

When I've endured (and enjoyed) 3 months of winter

and I know I still have 2 months to go

It is about his time of year when I go to bed, close my eyes and images of  ocean waves flash across my retina

when I flex my toes and feel soft silky sand between

When I start chasing the sun from livingroom to kitchen floor

The truth is some days are worse than others

Some days I wake up crying and loose myself completely
Some days I start researching Seasonal Affective Disorder and cheap plane tickets to get me out of here
Some days my mind gets fuzzy my speech slurs and my dreams disappear with the grey haze outside

Some days are worse than others.

But then that sun peaks through and warms my eyelids closed
I see the fuzz poking out and the green shooting up indoors
I spot another bird returning home
I go for a walk

I cling to the words "He will lead me by GREEN pastures, he will give me rest" 
I cover canvas with colour
I pick up the phone and reach out, I laugh with a friend and gather to stitch
I buy big bouquets of the cheapest flowers and walk the malls simply to touch the spring fabrics
And I hold on, take deep breaths and walk one step at a time through this season in my life

I once heard that the settlers of this area would enter their sod houses come winter, hunker down and exit crazy as loons -
I can totally relate, but thankfully I have a car, I have furnace, I can eat a kumquat and smell a nectarine when it is -40C outside

I have a lot to be thankful for

And in two months I can celebrate SPRING!

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