Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cloth Paper Scissors Post Challenge

I've recently entered my first art challenge. The challenge was to use multimedia skills to create a postcard with fabric and paper and to include an encouraging message for the staff working at the magazine.

This was quite a challenge, I've never painted on fabric and never sewn on paper before - but boy was it fun! Since discovering this magazine my artsy side felt totally refreshed, like I was diving into a creative world full of new techniques. 

If you'd like to enter there is still time. Or if you simply want to see what I'm raving about click here to go their website.

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Jenny said...

This is so cute. I just love it. So sorry I haven't been by for a visit. For some reason, my blog keeps dropping some of my "blogs I follow" and then I can't find you! So glad to see your pretty posts again. Have a great weekend!