Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spiced peaches canning

Everyone do the can-can because we can CAN

We've been wanting to CAN something for a long time, but the task seemed daunting. Finally we took the plunge and bought a huge box of peaches...and tiny cans (don't ask me why, they looked cute lol) and then the box sat there, staring us in the face. We waited for the right time, when nap meets quiet preschooler, but it never came. Finally an hour before we had to be somewhere, and with only 12 peaches left in the box we started canning -

- and was it ever fun. Not difficult at all! Our cans were way too small, held approximately 1 peach each but the taste was amazing. I never understood why people can, since the canned peaches we buy in the store is disgusting. Now I get it! We used this recipe and it is a winner. So much so that we are buying a few more boxes of peaches to fill our cupboards for the winter to come.

If you have any special canning recipes, I'd love to hear them since we are official 'canners' now

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