Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to make a pencil holder out of driftwood

We are always looking for a pencil to scribble a note, sketch a picture or measure wood with, so I got busy making a pencil holder.

Lately I'm loving natural beaten up wood with bright pops of colour - I made a few really bright ones for Semay's colouring pencils and will share them later this week

This one happened so unexpected. While trying to figure out how to make the holes, I noticed my bucket filled with lace and thread. Soon I started braiding and playing around. A romantic at heart, this combination seemed so feminine, like an ocean wave curling around the drift wood with it's aqua blue and frothy white. 

And to think this piece of wood was immersed in water for so long, gives me such a good feeling. If you know me by now I am all about water. Pools, oceans, lakes - my heart always longs for a swim.

Perhaps on those cold february days I can touch one of these pieces of driftwood and feel a bit of summer, remembering the glistening lake and warm sun. Perhaps. For now it is a nice addition to this little house of ours.

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