Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Popsicle Paint

Whew yesterday was HOT ! And I loved every minute! 

Our standby craft for hot weather (when only ice will do) is popsicle painting. From set up to finish the kids can be involved. 

First we added tons of foodcolouring to water to make really intense colours (Semay followed the instuctions on the back to make teal and coral - again teaching her colour mixing and counting in a fun way)

Next we used left over juice to make a few real popsicles - very important:) Trust me there is nothing worse than having the craft set up, pulling out the painting popsicles and all they wanna do is eat it. That pouty face followed by tears since it tastes like nothing is just not fun. So trust me - make some real ones too

Lastly freeze it...and wait

Then with one hand holding the sweet popsicle and the other hand practising Picasso moves you have an artsy fartsy afternoon while beating the heat


sentance or servanthood? said...

I love it!! So creative! where do you buy the fun food coloring? and I love Semay's dress and hat :)

Amy {Polkadot Pear} said...

I love this idea! I am going to try this with the boys tomorrow : )