Monday, July 4, 2011


Goodsoil Saskatchewan: a sleepy town, a dreamy town , a jewel of a town. 

A place where children still run free, where the community is strong, where the land is untouched. 
We pulled our 1970s trailer to a family friend's farm and immediately started bumping into people we knew. People so pivotal to who we are today. Old friends, old flames. All grown up with families of their own now. 

Being back I could feel my age, and surprisingly it made me so sad. I longingly missed my youth. All that possibility, all those adventures, all that freedom. I missed myself at that age, I missed my friends. Every building and tree had a different memory attached. The emotions so vivid. 

Because after all :

It is here where my feet touched Canadian soil at the age of 14

It is here where I learned how to speak English...and how to smile when I didn't understand a word they are saying

It is here where I felt peer pressure, came up with crazy ideas, tried to fit in and failed miserably

It is here where I tried on different identities -cowgirl -skater and in the end chose -just me


It is here where I drove my first car - a beautiful blue sunrunner dubbed "Putzy"

It is here where adventure took the form of bushriding and kneeboarding, 

                   to see what we can see, 

never knowing what is around the corner


It is here where I had my first crush, my first butterflies, my first kiss 

                                                                                             and first heart la vie

It is here where walking the streets, climbing the water tower and breaking ice on ditches was considered a very successful day

It is here where I made beautiful friends and gorgeous memories

It is here where my thoughts are today...and although grieving my youth a bit, I'm so thankful that I could spend my youth in this tiny town


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