Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pop of colour - Easy pillow makeover from a skirt

That funky bright pattern was just what this little cabin needed.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon thrift-shopping with my lovely family and came home with this treasure. An ill-fitting skirt in it's former life and now a stunning new silky pillow to have a nap on (Ha - not gonna happen) or to read on ( keep dreaming) OK - A perfect pillow to use in pillow fights, to get juice on, to drool on, and maybe just maybe rest my head on every now and then. Hope you get a bit of creative time today!

1 comment:

Amy {Polkadot Pear} said...

I love it Wilme! It looks great as a pillow! One day pillows will be used for sleeping again...until then at least you have a gorgeous pillow to look at : )