Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easy breezy boy pants

For years my talented sister in law over at polkadotpearcreates told me how easy little boy pants were. But I was doubtful. Although I love to sew squares - pillows, curtains, blankets- I've never sewn any clothes.

 Well she was right! I used this tutorial but instead of a t-shirt I used a shirt I found at the thriftstore. 

I love how it turned out. Sure it took me an hour and I stitched the leg closed a few times while hemming it, but seeing it on my boy today was enough inspiration to keep going! 

Join me and a bunch of other ladies over at Elsie Marley's kid's clothes week challenge

1 comment:

Amy {Polkadot Pear} said...

They turned out so good! I love them! I miss that little guy : ) Have to plan to see you guys soon!