Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy chappy New Year

 As I write this I'm watching my kids scoot onto their daddy's lap, all three on a red plastic tobaggen, ready to zip down our slanted yard. 

 With their laughter in the air I feel tremendous gratitude... for this little life we get to enjoy...for starting another year fresh full of dreams...and for being loved by a God who is so full of grace and goodness.

     5 Goals for 2014
 - Blog every Friday  (to capture life's special moments)
 - Join Misty Mawn's amazing e-course
 - Buckle down and figure out all the techie stuff to create a better shop and website ~ Sigh It makes me tired just thinking about it ;) 
 - Train for color me rad 5k
 - Print photo books for the kids (this has been a goal for the past 3 we'll see

I know it's very late - last day of January today - but I do want to wish you all a Happy and Blessed New Year :)



Linda said...

oh what loving, beautiful photos of your sons and the roses! Great goals you have-one of mine is to get better with the techie stuff-but it's hard for someone like me. Lovely summer portrait too. A happy New year to you and may you attain all your goals for this year! Happy PPF

Faye said...

Your damsel in the old fashioned bathing suit is stunning. What a beautiful job you've done. Also, I enjoyed seeing the photos of your sons and of the gorgeous roses.

Tasha Miller | Portraits said...

Love the painting Wilme! Love your goals too...and of course, Etian is the cutest!


Annabelle said...

Joys in life, our kids, flowers and art and of course people we love. Lovely post!

Annabelle xx