Monday, March 25, 2013


Life has been busy...and looking at the calender all tired like,  I realize it has been full of GOOD things!  

Family, friends, weekend getaways, and so forth.  Yet my inside is yearning for a slow day, where we follow our inner clocks rather than the outside world's. Where we create to the sound of birds and icicles melting, where we meander at a snail's pace to the playground, and don't have a single 'to do' hurrying us along. Taking time to notice the fuzzy buds appearing on trees, enjoying a good ol' puddle jump. Oh there is beauty in slowing things down, that's for sure.

Here is wishing you peaceful Easter full of quiet moments and lots of rest,

And if you have a minute you can hop on over to this beautiful dress shop SundayBrunchDress - where my art is being featured this month.

Enjoy the rest of your week friends,


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