Saturday, August 18, 2012

pavlova- skuimpies - meringue nests = perfect summer dessert

Light, fluffy and scrumptious are the only words for this dessert

Growing up in South Africa I knew this as skuimpies, and have fond memories of staring at the bowl of egg whites, magically turning into heaps of white mountains. My job was adding sugar, my mom's job was to keep me from eating all the sugar - pretty much the exact same scene happening at our house when I make these with my little girl.

I decided to add fruit salad, chopped up mint, a squeeze of lime and custard, but it is also delicious with strawberry pudding and a layer of melted chocolate on the bottom of the meringue nest 

Recipe : 

3 egg whites (let stand room temp for 30 min)

add 1 teaspoon vanilla
    1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar 

beat on medium till soft peaks form
add 1/2 c sugar tablespoon at a time

beat on high till stiff white peaks form

(we added a dash of blue food coloring for fun)

Prepare cookie sheet with parchment paper
With pastry bag draw and fill circles, then build up sides

(with left overs pipe letters, or our family favourite - wrist - watches on the kids arms to lick off while mom finishes piping)

Bake in 300 F oven for roughly 20-25 min. You want to catch them before they turn brown, baked, but still moist on the inside

Fill with puddings, whip cream, fruit or whatever you can imagine 


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