Thursday, May 31, 2012

Easy cherry parfait

Today the laundry stopped, the dishes were left unwashed and dessert was served before supper.

Because it was one of those days where everyone woke up in the wrong mood, and we took our turns taking a time out.

A day when gentleness was in order, when breaking rules and routine was a must. 

We needed a break but mostly we needed something sweet to turn the day around

Easy "time out" dessert 
                 (lil' ones can make this too)

Crumble a cookie on the bottom of your most special tea cup, layer a bit of instant vanilla pudding and whipping cream till the cup is almost full. 

Give the rest to the kids to lick out of the bowl - they'll be much happier if you do!

Top with cherry pie filling and put in fridge till you can't wait any longer.

Now take a time out, watch the birds and listen to the bees

You deserve it :)

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