Monday, April 16, 2012

How to make an orange candle

A few weeks ago we had spring! Tulip leaves poked out of the dirt, hands touched rain and the senses were overwhelmed with buzzing and chirping and honking of geese. It was lovely, so lovely I packed away all our overstuffed winter coats and tired boots.

But every April the same thing happens, year after year and just like 'labour pain amnesia' I choose to forget it. After a week of glorious hopeful spring, one can wake up smack in the middle of winter, once again. Snowstorms, grey skies and poor green tulips covered by white -


So we halted our outside projects and turned to the fruit bowl instead. Sitting in wool socks tucked into ballerina flats we followed these steps

Step 1 - Cut the orange in half, scoop out the insides being careful to leave the long white 'stem' on the inside - since this will be used for your wick.

Add some olive oil to the bottom half, and light the wick

The top can be decorated with cut out shapes

I can already tell this activity will become a family favourite. 

The candle lasts forever and the smell - oh my - citrus and old pioneer oil lampy smell mixed together.

And for one evening we forgot about the snow as we hybernated just a bit longer in this cabin

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