Thursday, September 1, 2011

Goodbye summer, hello fall - Spa

Goodbye summer ~

My roses are all gone, but I did manage to freeze a few to use in the winter for a special treat.

Rose water: simply simmer roses in water until all the oils release, drain through cheesecloth and keep the water in a sterilized jar in the fridge. 

It is a very gentle and moisturizing toner for sensitive skin

This is the "cheat" way, real rose water includes a distiller and brick contraption (a project to try later on) but this is still a wonderful way to use fragrant roses. 

NOTE - don't use sprayed roses, only organic - the ones in the store is usually sprayed with something

Hello Fall~ 

These Nasturtiums are in full bloom right now. I also freeze them for winter use.

They are my favourite way to help dry scalp in the winter months. They soothe and heal the most sensitive scalps.

Dry scalp remedy: simmer, drain through cheesecloth, keep water in fridge and after shampoo and conditioner, use it as the final rinse   

Have a beautiful evening!


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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful home remedy and smells great too.