Monday, August 15, 2011

Going to China

We did our baking, our craft, our movie,
our "under the table" fort. 

We did everything we could possibly think of when we read the forecast again- RAIN - third day in a row ...

We had to get out, but where? and what to do?

Personally I needed adventure! 

to smell and taste new things. 
to see colours - vibrant and strong. 
to have inspiration overload. 

Fresh. New. Different.    

What I needed was culture shock, to be whisked away into a world so foreign from own - and since I couldn't drive to the airport last minute...

      ...I yelled "Who wants to go to China today!"

Wide eyed and grinning they came running

"China, really, you mean fly there" 

"Yep take off is in 10 minutes"

And just like that we hopped into the plane, plugged our noses and spoke just like a captain would over the intercom- seatbelts on, tray tables to the upright positions.

We enjoyed snacks, an inflight movie and one hour later we landed (parked) in a foreign world - completely new to us

Edmonton's China town:

 There was inspiration for everyone:

Candy for them

Colourful cans and fashion inspiration for me - wearing shorts and high heels simply to pick up some noodles;)

Afterwards we ate Chinese food - Semay's very first chicken ball and surprise rice (fried rice with lots of peas and stuff in it) 

Her very first fortune cookie saying "a little courtesy will go a long way"  I had to giggle because how true is that for 4 year old attitude

I wanted to end the day with a bit of shopping for paper fans and beautiful paper umbrellas, maybe lanterns - but I couldn't find any, so with bags full of candy with names we can't pronounce - we flew home.

It was just the adventure we needed