Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rainy day Puffy painting

This was so much fun, I had no idea what to expect but it honestly kept us busy for 2 Hours

All you need is -cardboard 
                -1/2 cup flour, 
                -2 tsp baking powder,
                -2 tsp salt
                -water to make it goopy 
                -and food colouring

Create your masterpieces on the cardboard and microwave for about 30sec, depending on thickness

At first we were so careful, painting with it on square pieces of cardboard, then microwaving it for 30 sec. Right before our eyes the paint puffed up and stayed 'cooked' Once we saw we can't really make a mistake, we gooped on way more, started a baking factory making valentines cookies and of course brought out the sprinkles
 I love how a craft can sometime take on a life of its own if you follow your child's lead. My plan was to paint with it, but Semay soon decided we are making cookies with sprinkles and then that lead to finally making cake pops for her Barbies.

I had to literary tear her away when we ran out of cardboard.  

We will definitely do this one again, so much fun.

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