Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Date

It was time... we have been talking about it for months, watching, waiting...and finally the day has arrived

We quickly gathered our supplies, left the boys at home and hopped into the car looking for one thing only   


In the car we could feel the excitement, after all this was our special date. 

A one on one mother daughter date with no interruptions, no diaper changes, no putting down babies for naps - Just me and her, two girlies who love making and creating things.

And today we were doing just that. We were painting the Canola fields AL FRESCO

I couldn't have asked for a better date, I loved listening to all her theories, and stories and jokes. 

I loved resting her on my hip as we went into the meadow to pick wildflowers. 

I loved holding her tiny hand in mine as we climbed a hill to see what's on the other side.

I loved how she instructed me on how to paint and how to mix paints - how serious she was painting, calling herself an artist Princess.

To tell you the truth I simply loved her! 

And I couldn't believe that I've waited so long to take her on a one on one date. 

It was such a special morning, and after enjoying some freezies we promised we will do this again next year (and in my heart I hoped we will do this every year until we are old and grey) I sure love her, my sweetheart Semay


Amy {Polkadot Pear} said...

What a special day with a very special little girl! Looks like the perfect day : )

Rae-Lynne said...

Awe, she is such a good painter already! You are going to make her a great artist! (Aren't one on one dates so fun :D)

sentance or servanthood? said...

sniff, beautiful and wonderful.

Wilme said...

Thanks everyone, it definitely was a precious day!

nlowe said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love this post :)