Saturday, June 25, 2011

What I want

   Every morning my little girl Semay wakes up, puts on her fairy dress (doesn't matter if we are going to town that day) and screams

Today I want to do 
what I want to do!!

Sometimes I can't help but laugh at this attitude - the scrunched up nose and little bent arms

Other times I get cross and think "my goodness, she's only four". And I fast forward to when she's 16 with a license yelling that sentence to me while driving away

But most days, deep down inside, I agree. 

I know the feeling. 

I also want to do what I want to do!!!

I feel like all I do lately is wipe stuff 


          sticky hands,     bums, 

    floors,       tables,       highchairs,

              car seats. 

   You name it I've wiped it!!!

And all I really wanna do is ...



                                                let my mind wonder,                                daydream

             explore something new - at my own pace,

                                                                 start and finish a project in one sitting,

have a whole day to myself                       

                                                              do my nails     (sigh)


Oh what's that - a sneeze - gotta go wipe something....

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