Wednesday, June 15, 2011


To Me : : It is a chore, an eyesore, something to get rid off in order to see the beauty in our yard - a weed

To Her :: It is a meadow fit for a princess skipping about, picking bundles of glorious yellow flowers, only to hide them behind her back and say -  "I got a surprise for you mommy" (She can do this over and over all day)

To Her :: It is fuzz balls to blow, chase and play with. The oohs and aaahs when a dandelion is in seed are endless.

To Her :: It is beautiful 

and so I too decided to put on her innocent 4 year old glasses, and see for myself. 

It truly is beautiful. Round middle, spiky interior, fuzzy top. Each little seed being planted with such a dramatic flight. 

I for one will consider myself very lucky to live in a meadow full with such beauty... and while everyone else is trying to get rid of them, I will pick them, blow on them and make a wish

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