Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to build a terrarium

This morning my eye caught it! The first green of spring.

 So we tried to capture it. 

Building a terrarium couldn't be easier. 

 A glass container, any shape will do, a layer of rocks, a layer of dirt and then green things. We chose a heart shape since we just LOVE spring, but look at this fabulous idea.

Isn't this amazing. Visit their store here
moss terrariums on etsy

Now we are looking for the perfect inhabitants. Tiny tiny people having a picnic or perhaps mini sheep grazing so peacefully or I know - a small mushroom with an even smaller fairy sitting underneath wiggling her tiny toes into all this springy mossy goodness. Yes that is it! (I just love tiny things).

 And I love love love spring

Stop by tomorrow for a closer look at our tiny inhabitants. We even have a tiny sunbather using this little green space

Come and join the party at A little tipsy


Amy {Polkadot Pear} said...

This is beautiful Wilme! I can't wait to see who is living in there ; )

Don Purple said...

Where did u have heart vase from?
Kindly let me know via my email
Many Thanks